Lodge an appeal before the CCJA Art 23, 27, 27 bis and 28 of Rule process

1. The Ministry of Attorney is required before the Court

2. The lawyer must prove their status and produce a special mandate from the party represented

3. The cassation appeal is submitted to the Registry within two months of service or notification of the decision contested by the applicant's lawyer

4. The action includes:

5. The address for the place where the Court has its seat is not mandatory; she says, if applicable, the name of the person who is authorized and has expressed willingness to accept service;

6. The application may state that the lawyer agrees that him of notifications by e-mail, fax or other technical means of communication leaving traces

7. The original of every pleading must be signed by the lawyer of the party

8. This act together with all annexes, is presented with a copy to the Court and as many copies as there are parties; these copies are certified by the party filing the

9. The working languages are: English, Spanish, French and Portuguese

10. The language is chosen by the applicant

Note: For more information, please visit the Rules of Procedure of the CCJA here