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46th session of OHADA Council of Ministers: Let’s start!

Libreville, 11th June 2018

On June 11, 2018, the Radisson Blu Okoume Palace Hotel in Libreville hosted the opening ceremony of the Experts Committee meeting, preparatory to the 46th session of OHADA Council of Ministers.

In addition to the attendance of the delegations of 16 of the 17 Member States and the heads of OHADA institutions, several members of the Gabonese government as well as the First President of the Supreme Court of Gabon and the Attorney General of the said Court gave greater importance to the ceremony with their presence.

Three speeches marked the course of the event: the welcome address of Mrs. Sophie NDINGA, Chairperson of the OHADA National Commission of the Gabonese Republic and Chair of the Experts Committee; the introductory speech by Professor Dorothé C. SOSSA, OHADA Permanent Secretary; and the opening address of His Excellency Mr. Anicet MBOUMBOU MIYAKOU, Minister of State, Minister of Justice and Human Rights, Keeper of the Seals of the Gabonese Republic and Chairman-in-Office of OHADA Council of Ministers.

For two days, the Experts Committee would examine various issues on the agenda of the Council of Ministers, with a view to making recommendations to the Ministers of Justice and Ministers of Finance of OHADA member states, whose works open on June 14, 2018 in Libreville.

The minutes of the 46th session of the Council of Ministers will soon be available on www.ohada.org.

The Permanent Secretary,

Prof. Dorothé C. SOSSA