OHADA Partners

Partnership OHADA – ICF ( Investment Climate Facility for Africa)

Who are we?
Founded in 2007, the Fund for Investment Climate Facility for Africa (ICF) has left its mark on the landscape of African development. With its innovative approach and initiatives, ICF has quickly proven effective through concrete and tangible results across Africa. For us improve the business and investment climate is critical to job creation, income growth and poverty reduction across the continent.


Our goals
The objective of ICF is to increase economic opportunities for African society. A) establish an effective partnership between business and governments to identify and implement priority projects and catalysts of the investment climate in Africa; b) work with governments to create an administrative environment conducive to regulating the investment attractiveness, growth and job creation; c) improve the image of Africa as a safe investment destination by highlighting evidence and rapid improvements in the business climate.

Our eight (8) priorities quick and strong impact on the investment climate:

  • Property rights and the enforcement of contracts
  • Business registration
  • Tax and customs charges
  • Financial markets,
  • The infrastructure assistance
  • The labor markets
  • The competition
  • Corruption and crime.

How ICF transforms the business climate?
If some institutions offer funds and policy and technical advice to their government clients, meanwhile ICF has primary jurisdiction to identify, develop and implement targeted projects in conjunction with the beneficiaries, capable of providing concrete results from their implementation.

ICF / OHADA: a successful partnership since 2009

  • Two (2) partnership agreements for a total of USD 2,855,000:
    I OHADA 1.105 million USD followed by OHADA II of USD 1.75 million.
  • One (1) project management team, consisting of: a Steering Committee Chairman, Professor Cossi Dorothé SOSSA (Permanent Secretary of OHADA); a Project Manager successively Messrs Robert BAGNA, and Dr Jules ATAKORA Diarrah Boubacar S. (Director of Legal Affairs, Documentation and Communication OHADA); A Technical Assistant, Project Manager, Ms. Mariam Bafouné Breka; an Assistant Accountant Richard Pascal Richard Joy.
  • Four (4) Revised Uniform Acts since 2009
    (On Funding ICF)

    • General Commercial Law (AUDCG)
    • Law of Security (AUS)
    • Corporate and GIE (AUSCGIE)
    • Right of collective procedures for settlement of liabilities (AUPCAP)
  • Seven (7) Diagnostics new materials: Factoring Credit -bail, Subcontracting, Commercial Mediation, Franchise, Conflict of laws and circulation of documents, public-private partnership.
  • Twenty-four (24) Capacity building seminars on the new Uniform Acts for the benefit of all stakeholders of business law (on ICF funding): AUS AUSCOOP, AUDCG, AUSCGIE, AUPCAP.
  • One thousand six hundred (1600) sensitized participant
  • Three (3) days off OHADA OHADA: Paris, Casablanca, Rabat has focused in particular on a general presentation on OHADA and communications on AUSCGIE, Arbitration, FSU, EPCA.
  • States visited 13 of the 17 that account OHADA: Benin, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Congo, Gabon, Guinea, Equatorial Guinea, Mali, Niger, Chad, Togo, Democratic Republic of Congo, Senegal.

How ICF its mark on Africa?
African governments adhere increasingly partnering with ICF , through our practical and responsive approach. Government support in the ICF activities is a prerequisite and a key success factor for long-term reforms. ICF is also working with other regional institutions outside the OHADA East African Community ( Burundi , Rwanda , Uganda, Tanzania ) .

How to get funding and support of the ICF ?
To embark on a project of the ICF an application form downloaded from the www.icfafrica.org or by calling +255 222129211 or contact us at the following address: info@icfafrica.org