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The High Regional School of Magistracy (ERSUMA) of the Organization for the Harmonization of Business Law in Africa (OHADA) hereby informs you that the training session n°2 of the year 2023 on the “Techniques for the preparation of financial statements of non-profit entities” scheduled to be held in Kinshasa from the 20th to the 24th of March 2023 will finally be held from the 12sd to the 16th of June 2023 at the BEATRICE hotel of that same city. Organized in partnership with the National Order of Chartered Accountants of Congo (ONEC), the Permanent Accounting Council of Congo (CPCC) and the OHADA National Commission (CNO) of the DRC, this training will be facilitated by Mr. JoĂ«l MABUDU, co-editor of the Accounting System for Non-Profit Entities (SYSBENL) and of the Revised OHADA Accounting System (SYSCOHADA). Concurrently with this training session for trainers on the new Uniform Act relating to the accounting system of non-profit entities, ERSUMA will conduct, in partnership with the Kinshasa GombĂ© Bar Association and the CNO-RDC, a capacity building session in andragogy on the theme: “Designing and conducting a continuing education for adults: approach, methods and techniques”.


Theme 1: « Techniques for the preparation of summary financial statements for not-for-profit entities»

  • Duration/Dates: Five (05) days, 12sd to  16 th  June 2023
  • Location/Channel : HĂŽtel BĂ©atrice Kinshasa /Visioconference
  • Start of the training : 30 am (Kinshasa Time)
  • Training Code : ERS2023-F2
  • Registration for face-to-face and videoconference participation: https://sigweb.ersuma.org/formation/ERS2023-F2
  • Face-to-face training fees : 670 $ USD /400.000 FCFA
  • videoconference Training fees: 420 $ USD /250.000 FCFA
  • Target audience: Members, shareholders, executives, agents and other stakeholders of not-for-profit entities (associations and foundations in any sector, professional associations, entities whose purpose is the management or administration of development projects financed in general by bilateral, multilateral, private or state donors); Chartered accountants; Accounting and financial directors; Administrative and financial directors; Chief accountants, accountants, accounting department employees, auditors and financiers; Tax specialists; Executives and agents of the tax authorities; Judicial representatives; Managers, company directors and economic operators; Academics.
  • Trainer: JoĂ«l Omer MABUDU, co-editor of the Accounting System for Non-Profit Entities (SYSBENL) and the Revised OHADA Accounting System (SYSCOHADA), permanent trainer at ERSUMA.

Theme 2 : « Designing and conducting a continuing education program for adults: approach, methods and techniques»

  • Duration/Dates: Five (05) days, 12sd to  16 th  June 2023
  • Location : HĂŽtel BĂ©atrice Kinshasa
  • Start of the training: 30 am (Kinshasa Time)
  • Training Code : ERS2023-F2
  • Registration for face-to-face participation: https://sigweb.ersuma.org/formation/ERS2023-F2B
  • Face-to-face training fees: 625 $ USD/375.000 FCFA
  • Target audience: Attorneys, Magistrates, Bailiffs, Chartered Accountants, teachers, managers, any interested person.
  • Trainers:
  • Prof Mayatta Ndiaye MBAYE, Associate Professor of Law, General Director of ERSUMA ;
  • Prof Raymond Bernard AHOUANDJINOU, Senior lecturer at the University of Abomey-Calavi (Benin), expert in andragogy, trainer at ERSUMA.

Registration is open on the ERSUMA SIGWEB for face-to-face or videoconference participation.

  • Videoconference auditors will receive the login and participation code upon submission of the payment form to ersuma@ohada.org / ersuma@ohada.org or upon validation of their online payment;
  • The face-to-face auditors will receive a notification of validation of their payment and will be invited to join the course.
  • Registrations are received on the SIGWEB platform no later than May 29, 2023.


Please click on the link below to read the general terms of participation to the training sessions: https://www.ohada.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/EN-Modalités-Générales-de-la-Formation-ERS2023-F2.pdf

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