The High Regional School of Magistracy (ERSUMA) of the Organization for the Harmonization of Business Law in Africa (OHADA), is organizing its 10th  morning training via Zoom, on Thursday, August  20, 2020 from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm (GMT) on: “ « Face Covid 19 with Corporate restructuring: legal and accounting aspects » “.

This conference is part of a vast campaign initiated by ERSUMA to raise awareness among professionals and businesses on the institutional, legal, judicial and economic stakes of the pandemic in the OHADA States Parties.

Mr. Karel Osiris Coffi DOGUE, Doctor of Law, Director of Studies of ERSUMA will be the moderator of the training which will be conducted as follow:

  • Professor Mayatta Ndiaye MBAYE, Associate professor of Law (Agrégé), Director General of ERSUMA;
  • Professor Robert NEMEDEU, Associate professor of Law (Agrégé), Yaoundé II University, Cameroon;
  • Mr Abdoulaye DRAME, Chartered Accountant (France), External auditor, Juridical experts, Manager of the firm Abdoulaye DRAME;
  • Mr Epiphane Okouma KOUDESSI, Chartered Accountant (Benin/Togo), External auditor juridical experts, Associate Manager of the firm Benaudit Consultex.

Training code : ERS-Web10
Date and times: Thursday, 20 August 2020 from 10:00 am to 1:00   pm (GMT)
Opening of the virtual room : from 9:00 am (GMT)
Cost: CFA F 30,000 
Target Audience : Notaries, Lawyers, Judges, corporate lawyers, Company directors, managers and economic players, chartered accountants and accountants, auditors, financial and accounting directors, financial and administrative directors, chief accountants, financial controllers, agents from accounting departments, finances specialists , tax specialists, lecturers.


To register: fill the registration form below:  ; 

  • Transfer the training fees of CFA F 30,000 through Western Union, MoneyGram or Ecobank Rapid Transfer ;
  • Send the payment stub through mail to :  and  to receive  the ID , the password  and other participation information.

When facing any technical challenge, please contact the support team

Phone/WhatsApp: +229 95561988 

NB : Certificates shall be delivered to participants 

ERSUMA is looking forward to your effective participation and thanks you for your trust and collaboration.  

« ERSUMA, for an effective and efficient rule of Law »

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