The Higher Regional School of Magistracy (ERSUMA) of the Organization for the Harmonization of Business Law in Africa hereby announces the publication of the 12th issue of ERSUMA Bulletin of Professional Practice (BEPP). The ERSUMA Bulletin of Professional Practise is celebrating its first anniversary with this issue. This regular monthly publication will keep providing you with updates on business law, whether OHADA Law, Law of Member States, other African Community Laws and Comparative Law.

In this issue, reading the following sections including chronicles, Case Law, national legislations, community legislations, you will have brief information on the followings topics:

the New York Convention in modernity;

Lex mercatoria in OHADA arbitration : a legal basis for ‘unauthorized’ amiable composition?

The bank that holds an accounts receivable at the time of its seizure is not a garnishee: CCJA, Judgement N° 006/2018 of 11 January 2018, Company United Bank For Africa (UBA) S.A v. Company AXE Communication SARL;

Notwithstanding any contrary provisions laid down in national law, an appeal is the remedy lodged against any judgement rendered on a statement of opposition to an order for payment: CCJA, Judgement N° 127/2018 of 07 June 2018, Société des Transports Abidjanais known as SOTRA SA v. Polyclinique Internationale Hôtel Dieu ;

Royalty claims are not eligible for the order for payment procedure: CCJA, Judgment N° 129/2018 of 07 June 2018, Société Total Guinée SA v. Office Guinéen de Publicité, known as OGP and al;

The appeal in cassation is inadmissible against the decisions rendered by the high national courts ruling in cassation: CCJA, Judgment N ° 130/2018 of 07 June 2018, WAIC-SA (Tiger Industrie Mali) v. Etat du Mali &Banque Malienne de Solidarité SA;

The unseizability of the settlement account in the Democratic Republic of Congo;

Strengthening the WAMU banking system: entry into force of new circulars of the Banking Commission.

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