ERSUMA hereby announces the publication of the eighth issue of its monthly bulletin called ERSUMA Bulletin of Professional Practice (BEPP). This periodical provides you with updates on business law, whether OHADA Law, Law of Member States, other African Community Laws and Comparative Law.

In this issue, reading the following sections including chronicles, Case Law, national legislations, community legislations, you will have brief information on the followings topics:

Disparity of criminal penalties for incrimination provided for in the Uniform Acts : case of AUPCAP, AUPOS, AUDCG and AUDCIF. It is a comparative table of criminal penalties in the UA in the 17 Member States, it follows the BEPP 7 ;
Intervention of third parties in the arbitral proceedings ;
For a Common Court of Justice, Arbitration and Mediation of OHADA (CCJA-M)  ;
(Non-)Compliance with Multi-tiered dispute resolution clauses under OHADA’s new ADR law: A question of jurisdiction or admissibility?
Distribution of judicial competence : what place for collective proceedings and the Commissioner ?
OHADA and national investment incentives : Togo case.

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