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The High Regional School of Magistracy (ERSUMA) of the Organisation for the Harmonisation of Business Law in Africa (OHADA) announces the release of the Issue 41 of ERSUMA Bulletin of Professional Practice (BEPP).

This monthly publication covers current developments in business law, OHADA Law, national law of the States Parties, other African Community Laws and Comparative Law.

In this new issue, the reader will be informed, in a succinct and pragmatic way through the chronicles and case law sections, on some themes such as:

  • Safeguarding distressed companies, the great orphan during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Brief reflections on the national authority in charge of official receivers (Ohada mandataire judiciaire) in the Uniform Act Organising Collective Proceedings for Clearance of Debts (AUPCAP).
  • The case law of the Common Court of Justice and Arbitration stating that.
  • The participation of a State in the capital of a private enterprise does not change the legal form of the latter as it results from the memorandum and articles of association materialising the will of the partners made known to third parties by way of publicity.
  • The money that a State contributes to the capital of a commercial company is protected by the fact that it cannot be seized, and not by the immunity from execution which benefits the State, a subject of distinct law, and cannot be extended to the legal person under private law that this State will have contributed to create.

Due to the global health situation, the ERSUMA Bulletin is only available in digital format. It can be purchased online and by annual subscription.

Price per unit: 3,000 CFA francs / 6 $ USD / 5 Euros

Price of the twelve (12) issues of the year on subscription basis: 30,000 CFA francs/$60 USD / 46 Euros

To join the BEPP subscribers, please fill in and send the subscription coupon to the following address: ersuma@ohada.org

The BEPP includes six (06) sections which are: Chronicles – Case Law – Community Legislation – National Legislation – Professional Practice – News in Brief. It welcomes all contributions relating to the national law of the States Parties, OHADA law, other African Community laws, comparative law or any other branch of business law. Contributions are reviewed by the Scientific Committee and the Editorial Board. They must comply with the requirements of the BEPP Editorial Charter.


If you are a business law professional or researcher, we look forward to receiving your contributions for upcoming issues of the ERSUMA Professional Practice Bulletin (EPBP).

To contribute to BEPP, please send your contribution, in Word format, to the following address: ersuma@ohada.org

Contacts :

For any information, please contact ERSUMA at the following address

ERSUMA 02 BP 353 Porto-Novo, Republic of Benin

Tel: +(229) 97 97 05 37

Email: ersuma@ohada.org

For more information, please contact

Edouard KITIO

High judge, Doctor of Law, Director of Research and Documentation

Tel: +229 90241848

E-mail: kitio.ersuma@ohada.org


Lawyer – Head of Projects and Partnerships Monitoring

Tel: +229 95403190

E-mail: olory-togbe.ersuma@ohada.org