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OHADA spotlighted in Lyon

Lyon, 3rd edition of OHADA Day, November 14th, 2018

Professor Dorothé C. SOSSA, Permanent Secretary of OHADA, participated in the conference during the 3rd edition of the OHADA Day in Lyon, on November 14th, 2018, in the lounges of the Lyon City Hall. This conference was co-organized by the National Bar Council and the Lyon Bar Association, on the theme “Arbitration, alternative dispute resolution methods, and new Uniform Acts”.

In addition to his intervention at the opening ceremony, the Permanent Secretary actively participated, as a panelist, in all the workshops. On this occasion, he presented and highlighted the advantages of the new enactments adopted by OHADA in the field of arbitration and mediation. The innovations, induced by digital technology and the issue of the social and environmental responsibility of companies established within the OHADA Member States, have also fuelled in-depth exchanges between the various stakeholders and participants.

As side events to the workshops, the Permanent Secretary met with Mrs FÉRAL-SCHUHL, President of the NBC, to discuss projects of common interest for their respective institutions. The President of the NBC expressed the vow that OHADA would be fully associated with the “Africa 2020 Season” and the next International Francophone world Day.

The Permanent Secretary also had a working session with Mrs GROS, Director of the Foundation for Continental Law (FCL), who expressed her Foundation’s willingness to offer online training modules on OHADA Law for students and professionals. The FCL also has a draft European Business Code, which draws its inspiration directly from the success of OHADA.

Finally, a delegation from the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs came to show its support for the OHADA and Permanent Secretary actions.

The 3rd edition of the Lyon OHADA Day was an opportunity to meet French legal professionals who are part of the OHADA landscape. This joint initiative of the NBC and the Lyon Bar Association has, once again, made it possible to assess the strong interest that OHADA’s legal integration model arouses well beyond the borders of the African continent. The Permanent Secretary expresses his deep gratitude to the organizers and his congratulations to the large community of OHADA friends for their commitment to African uniform business Law as a guarantee of security and prosperity. /-

The Permanent Secretary,

Prof. Dorothé C. SOSSA