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The Higher Regional School of Magistracy (ERSUMA) of the Organisation for the Harmonisation of Business Law in Africa (OHADA) is pleased to announce the publication of Issue No.18 of the ERSUMA Journal, a biannual magazine on African and comparative business law.

This Journal, which is edited by its Research Centre, includes several contributions, approved by a scientific committee, on current issues pertaining to business law, OHADA law, national law of States Parties, other African Community laws and comparative law.

Since the adoption of its new editorial charter, it has been receiving contributions in French, English, Portuguese, and Spanish, and has included a summary in French, English, and Portuguese for each contribution.

The ERSUMA Journal is divided into four (04) sections, namely: Doctrinal studies, Laws, Case law and Professional practice.

In this issue No.18, readers will find about ten scientific contributions, structured under three (3) headings:

Doctrinal Studies:

  • Settlement of disputes between OHADA and a State or an IGO;
  • A review of unanimity in OHADA commercial company law in the light of French law;
  • The right to dispose of goods along the way in OHADA law on road transport;
  • The criminal liability of bankers in the financing of companies in difficulty under OHADA law;
  • Constraints on actions against third parties in collective proceedings: a challenge for company financing under French and OHADA law;
  • Good faith: a framework concept regulating debtor behaviour in OHADA collective proceedings;
  • The debtor’s rebound in OHADA collective proceedings law.


  • The reform of the compensation scheme for victims of road traffic accidents in CIMA insurance: note under regulation No.4/CIMA/PCMA/PCE/2021 of 9 February 2022 to amend and supplement the insurance contract and victim compensation systems.

Professional practice:

  • Free comments on the practice of tax auditing in the context of Cameroonian companies.

The ERSUMA Journal is available in digital format. It can be purchased either individually (CFA F 10,000) or as an annual subscription (CFA F 17,000, i.e. two issues per year).

To subscribe to ERSUMA Journal, kindly send a request to: ersuma@ohada.org.

To contribute to ERSUMA Journal, kindly send your proposal to : algadi.ersuma@ohada.org / kinsi.ersuma@ohada.org.

For further information, please contact the following address:

ERSUMA  02 P.O.BOX  353 Porto-Novo, Republic of Benin
Tel.: +229 97 97 05 37
Email: ersuma@ohada.org

Find all the latest OHADA institutional news at www.ohada.org and subscribe to the newsletter to keep abreast of events.

“ERSUMA, for an effective, sound and efficient rule of law”.