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Revision of the AUVE: OHADA National Commissions are consulting each other.

The King Fahd Palace Hotel in Dakar hosted, from the 30th of November to the 2nd of December 2022, the works of the plenary assembly of the OHADA National Commissions (CNO) on the preliminary draft of the revised Uniform Act on the organization of the simplified procedures of debt collection and enforcement (AUVE). In addition to the Presidents and Vice-Presidents of the CNO of the OHADA Member States, these meetings were attended by the most representative professional organizations as well as banking sector representatives.

During three days, the participants reviewed the preliminary draft of the revised Uniform Act, in the light of the observations made by the Member States. The exchanges made it possible not only to harmonize the points of view of the States, but also to discuss in detail the relevant questions for the improvement of the legal framework of the debt collection and enforcement.

The Permanent Secretary expresses his deep gratitude to the Republic of Senegal, for accepting to host the works. He also thanked the World Bank Group for its funding. /- 

The Permanent Secretary,

Prof. Emmanuel Sibidi DARANKOUM