OHADA in a nutshell


As from the entry into force of the Treaty (September 1995), the activities of the Organization, with the support of Member States and international partners, have resulted in:

  • A production of common rules governing various areas of business life in Member States:
    general commercial law, Securities law, cooperative societies law, contracts of carriage of goods by road, organization and harmonization of business accounting, law of arbitration, insolvency law, simplified recovery procedures and measures of execution, law of commercial companies and economic interest groups.
  • Transparency of and accessibility to the applicable law in all the above cited areas: never before in the countries concerned has the law been so predictable and  widely disseminated through educational and training programs;
  • A Coordinated justice at the regional level by the Common Court of Justice and Arbitration, which reviews decisions rendered by national courts;
  • Enrichment of arbitral procedures available to business partners, with the assistance of the Common Court which administers proceedings without acting as arbitrator, checks the quality of awards and gives them the executory force;
  • An intensive and fruitful cooperation between academics, practitioners of the legal and judicial professions, book market operators and publishers with the purpose to enhance  economic growth, which is one of OHADA’s missions in its Member States.