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Continuation of awareness-raising seminars on innovations brought to the OHADA Uniform Acts

Since Wednesday 21 February 2024, the city of Lubumbashi in the Democratic Republic of Congo has been hosting an awareness-raising seminar on the innovations brought to the Uniform Acts, organised by the Permanent Secretariat in collaboration with the OHADA National Commission (CNO) of the Democratic Republic of Congo and funded by the European Union.
This seminar is attended online and on-site by participants from a wide range of professional backgrounds (judges, lawyers, bailiffs, notaries public, court registrars, bank lawyers, representatives of the Congo Business Federation) based in different provinces of the country. In an interactive format, participants exchange views with the moderators on the innovative legal provisions of various Uniform Acts, with the aim of significantly improving their professional practice and the business environment.
The event is chaired by Prof. Roger MASAMBA, President of the OHADA National Commission for the Democratic Republic of Congo, in the presence of Prof. Mayatta Ndiaye MBAYE, Permanent Secretary of OHADA. On the sidelines of this seminar, the Permanent Secretary was received in audience by Mr Jacques KYABULA KATWE, Governor of Haut-Katanga.