ERSUMA hereby announces the publication of the eleven issue of its monthly bulletin called ERSUMA Bulletin of Professional Practice (BEPP). This periodical provides you with updates on business law, whether OHADA Law, Law of Member States, other African Community Laws and Comparative Law.

In this issue, reading the following sections including chronicles, Case Law, national legislations, community legislations, you will have brief information on the followings topics:

  • Expropriation for public use of premises for professional use: who compensates the lessee?;
  • Immunity from execution of public authorities: is CCJA changing course? (CCJA, 3rd chap., Judgement N° 103/2018 of 26 April 2018);
  • Notice of attachment on bank accounts can be made to the legal person debtor through its branch or agency: CCJA,
  • Judgement N° 086/2018 of 29 March 2018, Company EMPLOI SERVICE SA c/ Thomas RIMBALE;
  • The manual delivery of a judicial act by a registry officer can not replace the service by bailiff: CCJA, Judgement N° 097/2018, 26 April 2018, Mrs. Oumou Salamata TALL c/ CBAO GROUPE ATTIJARIWAFA BANK & Société ICOTAF;
  • The creditor does not need to have a specific enforcement order dedicating rights interest to proceed with seizure of receivables: CCJA, Judgement N° 088/2018 of 26 April 2018, SICOGI c/ ICG-CI ;
  • Single accreditation, a condition for the creation of the single insurance market in the CIMA area.

The ERSUMA Bulletin is available in paper and digital format. It is on sale at ERSUMA Library and may be subscribed annually.
Unit cost: 3.000 CFA francs.
Cost of twelve (12) issues for one year subscription: 30.000 CFA francs

For any subscription to the Bulletin, kindly fill and send the subscription coupon to the following address: ERSUMA 02 BP 353 Porto-Novo, Republic of Benin or

For any information or contribution to the Bulletin, kindly contact ERSUMA at the address below: with copy to:
Dr. Karel Osiris C. DOGUE
M. Ghislain L.


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