The Regional Higher School of Magistracy (ERSUMA) of the Organization for the Harmonization of Business Law in Africa (OHADA) hereby notifies you the publication of its 15th release of the ERSUMA Bulletin of Professional Practice (BEPP).

This periodical informs you about the latest developments in business law, whether it is OHADA Law, the National Law of the Member States, other African Community Laws and Comparative Law.

In this release, through the sections on chronicles, case law, national legislation and professional practice, the reader will be able to obtain brief information on topics such as:

The scope of the mediation agreement in business relations;

The mere reference by the applicants and the judges of appeal to the provisions of the AUPSRVE cannot be sufficient to establish the jurisdiction of the CCJA in a case which does not raise any question relating to the application of a Uniform Act or a regulation provided for in the OHADA Treaty;

The giving up of a building aimed at performing of a professional activity in return for the payment of rent is, even unwritten, a lease for professional use, of which litigation falls within the jurisdiction of the CCJA;

If compulsory enforcement has already begun, the national judicial review court may rule on the application for a stay of a seizure enforcement without prejudice to the powers of the jurisdictional court established by Article 49 of the AUPSRVE;

The third party setting aside procedure is admissible only where the objecting third party justifies the effectiveness of the rights allegedly infringed by the contested decision;

The preventive seizure of the mobile money account under OHADA law.

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