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Heading for the 30th anniversary of OHADA

Esteemed friends of OHADA,

On this day, remembering that 29 years have already passed since the signing of the Treaty of Port-Louis that led to the creation of OHADA, we are already looking forward to another important moment in our progress. The event will be not only an occasion for celebrations and festivities, but also and especially a time for reflection on the achievements, challenges and future of this beautiful authentically African adventure. We must therefore prepare it now.

In addition to the event preparation for the Kinshasa meeting, OHADA institutions are continuing to carry out their activities, which will be included in the assessment. Some transversal and significant activities were conducted jointly by the three institutions. on this occasion, the Permanent Secretariat, the CCJA and the ERSUMA jointly carried out actions tending to rekindle the animus integrandi in this member country. The implementation of OHADA’s strategic plan has also enabled an unprecedented deployment in terms of capacity building of the staff of the three institutions, with the Investment Climate Improvement Project (abbreviated as PACI in french) funds.

 Beyond its regular hearings, the Court’s activity is highlighted by a reflection on the revitalization of its institutional arbitration system. ERSUMA, for its part, is increasing and diversifying its training offer, with an emphasis on online training and off-site sessions. The school is also organizing the 2nd edition of the FIPROD which will bring together in one month all the stakeholders of the African business. The Permanent Secretariat, for its part, ensures that OHADA’s reforming dynamic is maintained. Thus, the process of drafting an Uniform Act on the accounting of non-profit entities has reached its final stage, with the draft text awaiting the opinion of the CCJA with a view to its inclusion on the agenda of the next session of the Council of Ministers. Furthermore, the long-awaited updating of the Uniform Act on the organization of simplified procedures of debt collecting and enforcement has undergone important developments since a preliminary draft text has already been transmitted to the States for their observations.  In addition, the project for the standardization of some aspects of private international business law will soon be launched. More broadly, reflection on the changes brought about by the advent of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) is ongoing.

This means that in celebrating the 29th anniversary of OHADA today, we are especially invited to look forward to the future. May the great community of the OHADA’s friends remain mobilized. Let’s head for 2023!

The Permanent Secretary,

Pr. Emmanuel Sibidi DARANKOUM.