The High Regional School of Magistracy (ERSUMA) of the Organisation for the Harmonisation of Business Law in Africa (OHADA) announces that the 10th issue of ERSUMA Review, a biannual review of African and Comparative business law is live.

The ERSUMA review covers many contributions on issues pertaining to business law, may it be OHADA Law, national Law of the State parties, other African community laws and comparative law. Since the approval of its new graphic charter, contributions in French, English, Portuguese and Spanish are welcomed and supported for each of the contributions by an abstract in French, English, Portuguese and Spanish.

The reader will find in this issue more than ten scientific contributions as approved by the scientific committee and organized around doctrinal studies, case-law and professional practice.

For more details, click on the link below to view the contents:

Also read the issue 9 of the ERSUMA REVIEW, a special issue devoted to the alternative disputes’ resolution modes. click on the link below to view the contents:

Due to the global health situation, the ERSUMA Review is only available in digital format. 
It is on sale online and can be purchased by annual subscription. 
Unit price: 10,000 CFA francs/ 20 $ USD / 16 Euros 
Price of the two issues of the year on subscription basis: 17,000 CFA francs/34 $ USD / 26 Euros

To join ERSUMA Review subscribers, please’abonnement.pdf

fill out and send the subscription coupon to the following address: ERSUMA 02 BP 353 Porto-Novo, République du Bénin or

For further information or contributions, please contact ERSUMA at: 
ERSUMA 02 BP 353 Porto-Novo, République du Bénin
Tel : +(229) 97 97 05 37, Courriel : 

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