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Plenary Assembly of the OHADA Accounting Standards Committee (Lome, August 8-10, 2022) ” A new bureau with new ambitions “

The OHADA Accounting Standards Committee (CNC-OHADA) met in plenary session at the “Hôtel Sarakawa” in Lomé (Togo) from 8 to 10 August 2022. All member states were represented at the meeting, which took place under the constant presence of Prof. Sibidi Emmanuel DARANKOUM, Permanent Secretary of OHADA.

After six years of renewal, in compliance with the provisions of Regulation No. 002/CM/OHADA of May 22, 2009, which established the Committee, the CNC-OHADA was meeting with its new composition. It also conducted, at the outset of its work, to the election of its new office. At the end of the electoral consultations, Mr. Yawo DJIDOTOR (Togo) was elected President of the CNC; he succeeds to this position to Mr. André FOKO TOMENA (DRC) who has reached the end of his term. The vice-presidency goes to William FORCHU NGWA from Cameroon who succeeds the Togolese Koffi Abalo AMOUZOU. The elected President immediately took office and appointed the members of the various technical committees, after consultations conducted in accordance with the Vice President.

The plenary assembly of the CNC-OHADA examined a draft revision of its organic text and its rules of procedure, and proposed amendments in order to adapt this body to the development of its missions.

The Permanent Secretary expressed his gratitude to the outgoing President for all the work accomplished during his tenure. He congratulated the incoming bureau for its election and stressed the multiplicity of challenges that it has to meet. He also thanked the Togolese authorities for their warm welcome as well as the World Bank Group for financing these meetings.

The Permanent Secretary,

Prof. Sibidi Emmanuel DARANKOUM