Common Court of Justice and Arbitration (CCJA)

Abidjan, Ivory Coast

Functions of the CCJA President


  • Court relativefunctions
    • Preparation of hearings
      • refersreportingjudges (art. 26 Reg.)
      • sets the agenda (art. 20 Reg)
      • sets deadlines in advisoryproceedings (art. 55 and 57 Reg.)
      • authorize or request a memory office (art. 31 Reg.)
    • Hearings
      • Directs and ensures the police hearings (art. 36 and 38 Reg)
      • May exclude a lawyer of the Court by order and alsobring the saidorder (art. 23 Reg.)
      • Directs deliberate in case of a tie (s.22 Reg.)
      • Sign the minutes of the judgments (art. 40-2 Reg.)
      • Rules on requests for enforcement of judgments of the Court and the deadlines (art. 46-4)
  • Administrativefunctions
    • Staff management
      • ChiefClerk of the nomination (art. 39 TEC)
      • raising the Registrarhead office (art. 16 Reg. proc.)
      • provides for other jobs of the Court (Art. 39 TEC)
      • assignedadditionalfunctions to the Registrar (art. 12-7 Reg.)
      • Fixed the number of referendum jurists (Art. 26 Reg.)
    • Referral to the Permanent Secretary
      • request to increase the number of judges of the Court (Art. 1 para. 1 Reg.)
      • SP Information from the resignation of a judge (Art. 4 Reg.)
    • Organization of the Court
      • organize the election of the new President and Vice-Presidents (art. 6-4 Reg. proc)
      • is an order of the roomschaired by himself or by the Vice-Presidents (art. 9-3 Reg. proc)
      • establishes the transplant organization plan on chiefclerk’sproposal (Art. 18 Reg. proc)
      • approves the guidelines prepared for the graft by itshead (art. 15 Reg.)
      • establishes a publication of the Court Committee (Art. 42 Reg.)
    • Administration of the Court (Art. 7 Reg. Proc)
      • direct the work
      • control services
      • represents the Institution
      • and performany other task assigned by the Court

Field of arbitration

  • Court functions
    • Preparation of arbitral proceedings
      • may, in case of emergency, all decisionsnecessary for the establishment and conduct of arbitral proceedings (art. 2.5 reg arb.)
      • Orders the enforcement of sentences (art. 30.2 Reg. Arb.)
  • administrative powers
    • Staff management
      • appointment of the Secretary General of the Arbitration Centre (Art. 39 TEC)
    • Administration Arbitration Centre
      • proposes that the Court decisions in the administration of arbitration (Art. 1 Reg. arb.)

Shared competence of the President

Disclaimer instance

  • adiscontinuance of the proceedingscanbefound (Article 44.4 Reg..):
    • by order:
      • the President of the Court
      • or the chamberpresident
    • or by ajudgment of the Court if itoccursafterfiling the report.

NB: Some of thesefunctions are delegated to the Vice-Presidents, including in the absence of the President.