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Submit an appeal to the CCJA Art 23, 27, 27 bis and 28 of the Rules of Procedure

The Ministry of Advocate is compulsory before the Court
The lawyer must justify his quality and produce a special mandate from the party he represents
The cassation appeal is presented to the registry within two months of the service or notification of the contested decision by the applicant’s lawyer
The appeal contains:
Name and domicile of the applicant
Name and domicile of the other parties to the proceedings as well as of the lawyer before the national court
Applicant’s claims and grounds invoked in support of his claims
Determination of the uniform acts or regulations provided for by the Treaty, the application of which in the case justifies referral to the Court;
Decision of the national court which is the subject of the appeal must be annexed to the latter; mention must be made of the date on which the contested decision was served on the applicant
If the applicant is a legal person, he attaches his statutes or a recent extract from the RCCM or any other proof of his legal existence and proof that the mandate given to the Lawyer has been duly established by a representative qualified to this request. effect;
The choice of domicile in the place where the Court has its seat is not compulsory; it indicates, where applicable, the name of the person who is authorized and who has consented to receive all service;
The request may indicate that the Lawyer consents to the service being sent to him by email, fax or any other technical means of communication leaving a trace
The original of all pleadings must be signed by the party’s lawyer
This act accompanied by all annexes, is presented with a copy for the Court and as many copies as there are parties involved; these copies are certified true by the party submitting them
The working languages ​​are: English, Spanish, French and Portuguese
The language of the proceedings is chosen by the applicant
NB: For more information, please consult the CCJA Rules of Procedure.