OHADA Arbitration Center

Abidjan, Ivory Coast

The CCJA President

In his capacity as President of the CCJA Arbitration Center, he proposes at the General Meeting decisions likely to ensure “the implementation, and smooth completion of arbitral procedures and those related to the review of award.”

Article 2.5 of the CCJA Rules of Arbitration also authorizes the President to “take any urgent decisions necessary to implement and guarantee the proper conduct of arbitral proceedings, provided such decisions are disclosed to the Court at its next meeting, with the exception of decisions that require the Ruling of the Court. ”

The President also has the obligation to ensure that all steps are taken to guarantee the proper conduct of arbitration proceedings.

When the Court receives an arbitration request, the President shall issue an order to appoint a member of the Court to report on the matter (Article 4.3 of the Internal Rules on Arbitration ).

Researchers conducting scientific works may be authorized by the President to read some general documents (Art 5.4 of the Internal Rules on arbitration).

The President shall chair the plenary meeting and the restricted committee