OHADA Arbitration Center

Abidjan, Ivory Coast

The Secretary General

Under Article 39 paragraph 2 of the Revised Treaty, “After receiving the Court’s Opinion, the President appoints… the Secretary General in charge of assisting the said Court in the exercise of its administrative functions relating to arbitration” .

The Secretary General shall register arbitration requests and notify the defendants thereof, attaching a copy of the CCJA Arbitration Rules.

He shall seise the Court for fixing the provisions, and for any arrangement relating to the conduct of arbitration and, where necessary, for fixing the venue of arbitration when this was not addressed by the parties (see Art. 8 and 13 of the Rules of arbitration).

In the absence of an arbitration agreement conferring the resolution of a dispute to the CCJA, he shall inform the applicant that he intend to seise the Court for the latter to decide that arbitration cannot take place.

He shall also be in charge of preparing, under the supervision of the Court, the documents needed for parties’ information as well as their counsels or arbitrators or those relevant for the conduct of arbitration.

It follows from Article 11.2 of the Rules of Arbitration that provisions are paid to the Secretary General before he can handle the file to the arbitral tribunal.

He shall supervise revenue and expenses operations by the administrator during the arbitration process.

As soon as awards are made, the Secretary General shall notify them to the parties after they have paid in the full costs of arbitration. The Secretary General may also give additional certified copies of the original to the parties.

Under Article 5.5 of the Rules of arbitration “the Secretary General keeps the archives of the Court and all awards, as well as reports stating the subject matter of arbitration and fixing the conduct of proceedings, the Court’s decisions, and a copy of the relevant letter drafted by the Secretariat in each arbitration case. “